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The RoboBusiness Europe and TUSExpo conferences will give attendees valuable insights into the latest robotics developments that are shaping the future of industry, society and business. Click here for a downloadable version of the preliminary programme. The programme explores seven distinct themes:

  1. Intralogistics including service robots
  2. Intelligent vehicles
  3. Inspection & Maintenance
  4. Healthcare
  5. Agriculture
  6. Autonomous Harbour
  7. Open-Source Robotics

These unifying themes will be visible in both the conference programme and throughout the exhibit hall. To provide visitors with clear insights, the programme is presented along a timeline of implementation. It will put the progress of our industry into perspective by looking at technologies and companies that are available today, tomorrow and in the future.

Because TUSExpo has joined forces with RoboBusiness Europe, the conference we will also include the following themes:

  1. Construction
  2. Safety and Surveillance
  3. Geo Mapping
  4. Drones4good
  5. Autonomous Harbour
  6. Cinematography
  7. Earth Observation

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