Day 1 – 4 February 2015

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Program: It may be necessary for reasons beyond the control of the organisation to alter the content and the timing of the program or the identity of the speakers.

Day 1 – 4 February 2015

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09.30-10:30 Registration and welcome
Conference Room Yangtze
Opening by moderator Pieter Hermans, Matchmaker for Innovators, Jakajima. More information
Keynote 1
Lucas van Oostrum, Co-founder / CTO – Aerialtronics ‘Defining the future of Unmanned Aircraft Systems’
Keynote 2
Jesse Kallman, Global Business Development & Regulatory Affairs, Airware ‘Commercial UAVs: Drivers for success and keeping pace with new technology’ More information
Keynote 3
Yannick Levy, VP Corporate Business Development, Parrot about ‘Using Consumer Drones in Professional Applications’ More Information
Keynote 4
Gretchen West, Vice President Business Development, DroneDeploy ‘Challenges and Opportunities for UAS Integration Globally’ More information
12:30-13:30 Lunch break and exhibition
Conference Room Africa Conference Room Asia Conference Room Antartica
Session: Precision Agriculture with remote sensing and applications Session: Geo Services, Geo Mapping (part 1) Session: Sensors and other technologies
Lammert Kooistra, Assistant Professor, Wageningen University ‘Opportunities for UAS as Smart Inspectors in Environmental Monitoring Applications’ More information Dennis Devriendt, Technical Director, 4CGrid about ‘use of UAVs for mapping purposes’ More information Stefan Thamke, CEO, TeAx Technology ‘Fully radiometric airborne thermal images with ThermalCapture small – lightweight – powerful’ More information
Tamme van der Wal, partner, Aerovision ‘How can we make business with RPAS in agriculture’ More information Geoff Sawyer, Secretary General, European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) ‘Geospatial services reaching newmarkets’ More information Guido Dalessi, Director, Sensus Energy ‘Integration of Solar Technology in Unmanned Systems’ More information
Corjan Nolet, PhD-candidate, Wageningen University & Research More information Aleksandra Sima, Researcher, Uni Research ‘UAVs and photogrammetry for 3D geological outcrop modelling’ More information Maurice van Giezen, Cleantron ‘Li-ion Batteries for Professional Unmanned Systems’ More information
Dr. Carsten Mönnig, Researcher, Hochschule Rhein-Waal ‘Wildlife detection and vegetation monitoring on farmland utilizing UAV’s and microlights with different optical sensors’ More information Dr. Marc Goossens, CEO, Ursus-airborne ‘An Overview of Sensors for small UAV’ More information
15:00-15:30 Coffee break
Conference Room Africa Conference Room Asia Conference Room Antartica
Session: Sense & Avoid, Autonomous flying Session: Geo Services, Geo Mapping (part 2) Session: Certification, Legal issues, Liability issues, Regulation, Legislation
Prof. Josef Noll, University of Oslo & Movation ‘Certification and Life-Cycle Costs for UAS operating in Civil Airspace’ More information Rasmus Nyholm Jørgensen
Senior Scientist, Aarhus Universitet ‘Turning UAS based data into knowledge for the agricultural domain’ More information
André Clot, Centre Director, EuroUSC ‘Training and examination of VLOS UAS pilots’
Tor Olaf Steine, Chairman of the Board, Alfatroll ‘Intelligent Knowledge Based Autonomous Systems, Benefits and Requirements in Business critical applications’ More information Jesper Falk, Head of Section
Surveying & Land administration, COWI ‘Advanced Use of UAV Data’ More information
Michael Maes, Managing Director, EuroUSC Benelux ‘Qualified Entity, a flexible contribution towards aviation and society’ More information
David Benavente, CEO, Embention Jan Leyssens, Product Manager, Septentrio Gert Kruiswijk, senior inspector, Ministery of Infrastructure and Environment ‘Permissions for civil flights with RPAS in The Netherlands’ More information
Mauro Garcia, Founder & CEO Avioconsys Jan-Floris Boer, National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) ‘Getting your RPAS (business) off the ground’ More information
17:00-18:30 Networking with drinks and snacks

Day 2 – 5 February 2015

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08.30-09:30 Registration and welcome
Conference Room Asia
Session Training, Education
Joop Wenstedt, about flight on camera’s.
 Håvard Mjøen, University Lecturer, University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway  ‘Pilot and operator education at University of
Tromsø’ More information
10.30-11:00 Coffee break
Conference Room Yangtze
Session: A Blessing in the Skies?
Challenges and Opportunities in Creating Space for UAVs in the NetherlandsPowered by The Hague Security Delta (HSD).This session contains:
  • Official presentation of research report
  • Discussion with the audience

Peter Wijninga, Strategic Analyst, Comprehensive Security Program, The Hague Security Delta More information 12:30-13:30Lunch break and exhibition 13:30-15:00

Conference Room Africa Conference Room Asia Conference Room Antartica
Session: Fisheries and wildlife monitoring, Fire-fighting Weather and climate studies Session:  Industrial Surveillance Session: Ground, Technology, Applications and Services
David Bird, Emeritus Professor of Wildlife Biology, McGill University ‘Applications of Unmanned Vehicle Systems to Wildlife Research and Management’ More information Johann Boucher, Novadem ‘Facilitating the treatment of data captured by UAVs after the inspection of a structure’ More information Ard Nieuwenhuizen, Senior System Engineer, Probotiq 
‘Autonomous robots for precision agriculture operations’ More information
Kitso Epema, Co-founder, Dutch UAS ‘Drones for good: Save the rhino’ More information Antonio D’Argenio, ‘mT-Panoptes: geospatial aerial inspections on PV plants’ more information Chris Reeves, Commercial Manager – Intelligent Mobility & Future Transport Technologies, Mira
Richard van Deventer, Business Development Manager, Skycap ‘UAS Services and Anti-Poaching’ More information Emmanuel de Maistre, Co-founder & CEO, Redbird ‘Better data. Better decisions’ More information Wouter Leibbrandt, Senior Director and Manager Advanced Applications Lab,  NXP Semiconductors ‘Highly Automated Driving: a look under the hood’ More informationWilliam Meijer, Technolution about ‘Can we prepare for autonomous vehicles?’

15:00-15:30Coffee break 15:30-17:00

Conference Room Africa Conference Room Asia Conference Room Antartica
Session: Law enforcement, Rescue and Recovery missions, Security and Surveillance Session 2: Pipeline Surveillance, Power line Surveillance, Industrial Surveillance Session: The role of IT & Telecom, from (Big) Data to Apps
Anders Martinsen, CEO/founder, Infligt ‘SAR in sub-artic enviroment’ Mark de Haan, Engineer, Secure in Air ‘From Aerial data to Client-friendly information’ More information Rainer Sternfeld, CEO/Co-founder, Planet OS ‘The Critical Role of IoT Data Integration to develop Big Data Applications’ More information
Harald Skinnemoen, Founder, CEO and Chairman, Ansur
‘Beyond Line-of-Sight Live mission-critical visual communications from UAVs’ More information
Philippe Roy, President & CEO,  Aero Surveillance
Advanced image processing techniques to protect oil and gas pipeline right of ways on board Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems’ More information
Bob Moll, Managing Director, Spacemetric  ‘Making money out of Unmanned Aerial System surveillance and mapping capabilities’ More information
Tjeerd Tiedemann, projects, Dutch National Police, aviation department ‘RPAS a threat or a blessing?’ More information Anton Gavrailov, Flyver ‘Drone Apps – Developers, Users and Marketplace’ More information

17:00-18:30Networking with drinks and snacks

Day 3 – 6 February 2015

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08.30-09:30 Registration and welcome
Conference Room Africa Conference Room Asia Conference Room Antartica
Session: How to integrate Unmanned in manned environment (part 1) Session: Water, Services & technology Session: And now for something completely new (Research and beyond)!
Doug Davis, Director of Airworthiness, Northrop Grumman and CANSO Representative to the ICAO RPAS Panel ‘Airspace Integration of RPAS and concerns of ANSP’s’ More information Wesley Böenne, Researcher, Vito  ‘Integration of mobile automated monitoring systems in management of water reservoirs’ More information Vásárhelyi Gábor, PhD / research fellow, Department of Biological Physics, Eötvös University  ‘Swarms, collective motion of UAV’s’ More information
Henk Hesselink, National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR)
‘Airspace Integration: from experimental practice to common practice (but when?)’ More information
Francois Leroy, Senior Vice President, Liquid Robotics ‘Using Unmanned Maritime Systems for monitoring Marine Protected Areas’ More information Bart Remes, Delft University of Technology ‘A drone inside everybody’s pocket’ More information
Bardo Bakker and Stefania Giodini, TNO ‘Unmanned 2.0: towards autonomy’ More information Sander Terwee, Sales Engineer, Geometius Bavo Delauré, VITO, ‘An integrated imaging solution delivers ready to use maps for precision agriculture’ More information
Jakob Jakobsen, DTU, Technical University of Denmark ‘High Precision Navigation’
11.00-11:30 Coffee break
Conference Room Africa Conference Room Asia
Session: How to integrate Unmanned in manned environment (part 2) Session: Research Institutions
Francisco Alarcon, ATLAS Flight Test Center ‘ATLAS: a brand new center in Europe for RPAS’ More Information Freyja van den Boom, research, University of Leuven ‘Legal aspects: Drones and Data protection’ More information
Jens Lehmann, Air Traffic Controller, DFS, “Safe integration of RPAS – the ATC point of view ” More information Dr. Michael Linden-Vørnle, Astrophysicist and Chief Adviser, DTU Space – National Space Institute, Technical University of Denmark Arctic Infrastructure using Satellites and Unmanned Systems More information
12:30-13:30 Lunch break and exhibition