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Keep up to date with the latest news about the show, industry and the latest prepared features and exhibitor product launches. Also, find here all our supporting media partners and any information you might need about the current show developments and press releases.

All journalists and editors need to register. To do so, please send an email to with your company name and the date you would like to visit TUS Expo. Anoeska Hagenstein will be responsible for press verification and accreditation. Press badges can be collected at the press desks in the registration areas. During the event, please report to the information desk.

Press accreditation
Press accreditation to cover TUS Expo and its related events is granted to editorial personnel and freelancers, subject to proof of an editorial job function/freelance commission and/or presentation of a formal Press Card.

Editors and journalists need to register and collect their badges on show arrival, before accessing the Press Lounge.

Press facilities at TUS Expo are for working journalists. Please be aware that use of the Press Lounge/Briefing Room and their facilities will be restricted to registered and accredited editorial personnel, as well as to exhibitors hosting formal Press Briefings/editorial meetings or placing press material in the Lounge. Editors using the Press Lounge will be asked to sign in and to show their business card/editorial accreditation.

Press registration is not available for publishing and advertising personnel.

Filming Permission
All on-site filming/interviews at TUS Expo and related events by/for broadcast media require formal permission in advance from TUS Expo.

Personnel engaged in photography/filming must be prepared to show their letter/email of authority if requested to do so by a RoboBusiness Europe / TUSExpo staff member. Suspension of photography/filming will be required if proof of permission cannot be produced upon reasonable request.

In line with on-site policies regarding filming, photography and security, TUS Expo requires that all such activity only takes place with their approval/written permission.

Still photography in the exhibition halls by accredited attending editors/journalists is the only exception permitted.

Similarly, exhibitors wishing to photograph and/or film their stands are required to secure letters of authority for their retained photographers (as above), which specify the stand(s) concerned.

RBM asks exhibitors to be aware that general panoramic views or multi-stand shots in the halls are exclusively tasked to the organiser’s photographers/crews. RBM requires photographers tasked by exhibitors to respect this condition.

Press Room
At the show there will be a media room, which can be used by all journalists and editors.

Event Logos and Photos
If you would like to use an event logo in your communication or require photographs from our brochures, websites or social media, please contact us.

Media Contact Information
If you have any questions or if you would like to have more information, please feel free to contact Anoeska Hagenstein at or call +31 639699110.