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Main themes of the conference

Robotics in Agri and Food: There is a growing need for automation and robotization of the agro-food sector to meet the growing demand for agricultural produce and to improve efficiency. In this track, you will get an overview of the state-of-the-art of robots working throughout the food chain, from a highly automized food distribution centre, to robotic processing of food, to robots on the farm.
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Intelligent Vehicles: Automation is rapidly deployed in cars, trucks and buses, with the perspective to improve safety, comfort and mobility. Driverless “robot” vehicles will reduce the cost of operation and facilitate affordable 24/7 on demand transport of passengers and goods. The intelligent vehicle session will show the latest progress in automated driving, including technology, acceptance and the potential impact on society.
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Intralogistics: Intralogistics concerns all indoor logistical operations, typically a combination of conveyor systems and humans. Robotic technology will have a strong impact on intralogistics. Thanks to the new capabilities of robots to handle variation in products as well as in their environment, they will be able to autonomously do order picking and navigation in changing environments.
In the track intralogistics at RoboBusiness, we will present the state-of-the-art both for mobile robots and for stationary handling robots. The audience will be given an overview of current and near-future possibilities to apply robot technology for intralogistics operations in their own business. Because many innovations depend on novel 3D vision technology, we will also present the (in)abilities of state-of-the-art 3D vision systems. Finally, various new mobile robot systems will be presented, such as the autonomous mobile order picking system by the award-winning startup Magazino.
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Robotics for Health: Aging population and pressure on cost for healthcare are major motivators for innovative technological solutions. On the one hand the care (service) robotic systems will enable elderly or disabled people to stay independent and self-supporting. Robotic systems to assist treatment in hospitals enable surgeons to perform more constant, better or faster and with less drawbacks for the patient. Challenges are cost and acceptance. In the session we will have a combination of researchers from engineering and as well as medical specialists to show us the latest developments.
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Inspection and Maintenance: Robotics applications are proving their value by taking the humans away from the dangerous, dull or dirty activities: Being there, without going there. The integration of robotics with the evolving Internet of Things and digitalization will allow the industry to move to the next level.
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