We welcome Rozum Robotics as one of our latest exhibitors of the TUS Expo & RoboBusiness Europe exhibition!

About the company:
Rozum Robotics works to efficiently deliver high quality automation products and solutions for a variety of industries including arc welding, assembly, coating, dispensing, material handling, material cutting, material removal, packaging, palletizing and spot welding.

Rozum Robotics are focused on delivering industry leading quality, innovation and customer satisfaction in the automation field. Our robotic solutions will help you be competitive globally thanks to increased efficiency, improved quality and therefore significantly better ROI.

Our product line includes high precision servo motors, industrial robotic arms, as well as robot parts and accessories including frameless motors, grippers, CAN-USB adapters, robotic tool changers and more.

Automation by Rozum will be the right investment, independent of the scale of your business, because it contributes to your ROI from day one. Due to streamlined production process, we managed to reduce costs and are able to offer cutting edge robot products at a price that makes them profitable for almost any manufacturer/production facility, business (or even a household).

We are willing to deliver a fully custom automation product or solution for your specific needs. No matter whether you are at the stage of an idea, or already have the exact requirements, we can help. Please contact us with any questions on a custom robot solution you are thinking about.

More information about Rozum Robotics: www.rozum.com

Would you also exhibit at TUS Expo and RoboBusiness Europe 2017? Contact Martijn van Dijk at m.v.dijk@robobusinessmedia.com.

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