Side events and summits

Security Summit

TUS Expo explores the question of how to protect vital infrastructure from drones in close cooperation with the National and Harbour Police in this dedicated case study. What are the risks and dangers that we can expect now and in the near future. How can we detect and identify UAV’s that pose a danger. In what ways can we neutralize ever more capable drones that pose an imminent threat. All of this in a port area filled with sensitive industry and close to the largest city of the Netherlands.

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Regulations & ATM Summit

TUS Expo intends to build on its previous experience in hosting a high-level summit with the industries main decision makers and stakeholders. Looking back first, we will examine if the initiatives in U-Space Foundation and Initial Services planned for the last years have been realized. What is the present state of affairs and are we on track for 2019? What experience have we managed to accumulate in the various European projects?

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RAS in the Military Context

At the TUS Expo, The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS) and the Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA) intend to explore the strategic opportunities and consequences for the Netherlands in light of these developments. Calling on the unmanned and robotic systems community for their insights, we intend to identify the challenges and preconditions for this development, and assess the advantages that will arise for the RNLA as a result of this technological evolution.
Parties interested in participating at this workshop can apply for admission via Michel Roelen (

Exoskeleton Summit

Few technologies illustrate better than Exoskeletons what Robotics can do for humans. Utterly useless without a human to use, these robots make us stronger, increase our endurance and make us less vulnerable to injuries. Now, the first truly useful examples are reaching the market for affordable prices. The applications for this new technology are immense. Everywhere where humans engage in hard and/or repetitive labour, Exoskeletons can add just that little extra that makes the difference or – in more extreme cases – give us capabilities that until now we could only have dreamt about. The use of Exoskeletons in construction could in five to ten years be as self evident as using a hard hat or wearing a safety vest.

ESA NEOC Space Workshops

In these dedicated master classes ESA aims to show the participants the myriad possibilities of the veritable mountain of usable data that it has at its disposal. Aiming to bring together science, business and government, these workshops allow you to discover the possibilities inherent in the use of space data.


The CEO2025(AI) is a one day crash course to prepare high level executives for the chances and challenges brought by Artificial Intelligence. It aims to infuse them with the necessary insights to prepare their organizations and companies for the fundamental changes that AI will introduce.

Pitchfire Startup Event tusexpo unmanned systems

Intelligent Sensor Networks Conference

Sensor networks for smart industry (industry 4.0 / industrie 4.0) and smart infrastructure are getting more and more essential. Real time information from ‘the real world’ to support decision making and control of vital processes will be an integral part of business processes.

With Industrial internet, Machine to Machine (M2M) or Internet of Things (ioT) traditional boundaries disappear. The conference will give you insights into the latest applications and research in the field.

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The MBA in AI is aimed at the future decision makers. They are the people who will have to guide the coming introduction of Artificial Intelligence in their organizations and companies. This week long course will not only give them vital insights but also equip them with the necessary tools to properly advance this indispensable technology.

Hydrographic Society Workshop

The third Hydrographic Society Workshop is hosted by the Hydrographic Society of the Benelux. It will discuss relevant questions (program still needs to be determined by them) and host its annual drink and networking event.

Learn more about the Hydrographic Society Workshop hosted on the 17th of January.