First ever anti-drone competition

On 13 February the TU Delft Micro Air Vehicle Lab (MAVLab) will host the first ever anti-drone competition: DroneClash. During this competition participants use their own drone(s) to take down as many other drones as possible. They also need to avoid a whole series of anti-drone interventions. The winners of DroneClash will earn over € 50.000 of prize money.

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Hangaar2 / Valkenburg Airfield
Katwijk aan Zee, The Netherlands


13 February 2018

Live Show

The audience can experience the competition as a sort of real life video game. The teams must first try to take each others drones down. The surviving drones fly through the Hallway of Doom Death and Destruction, where they will be attacked by all kinds of anti-drone instruments. Finally, the remaining drones enter the 4 Queen palace where they must try and knock out the Queen drones of the other teams.

Clash Expo

Drone Clash will be organised in parallel with Clash Expo, in which companies and organisations can hire a booth to present their products or services. Dedicated demonstration events can also be organised through out the event. Interested? Contact our sales team.

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What you will experience at DroneClash

Be present at the first anti-drone competition.

Spectactular live action
Spectacular live action

FPV streams shown on large screens

Counter measurements
Counter measurements
Showcases of exhibitors
Showcases of exhibitors

Watch the Trailer for DroneClash

A sneak peek of the upcoming spectacle.