Harbors, airports, road and rail are more and more fused into a seamless logistic chain, from the production centres to the last mile. TUS EXPO Europe 2020 explores the role of robotics and unmanned systems in the arteries of our economy with a special focus on the ports of the future.


Inspection & Maintenance

The core business of the UXV industry is and remains Inspection & Maintenance. The capability to deploy an affordable ‘eye in the sky’ is now no longer a novelty and becomes self-evident for even more companies. TUS EXPO Europe 2020 focuses on these user cases and searches to bring the technological know-how, the experience of the service providers and the demands of the final customers together.



The use of UAV’s and Robots in agriculture offers a great opportunity for growth. Feeding the world is one of the great challenges of this century. UAV’s will play a key role by providing our farmers with accurate and up-to-date information of their fields while robots will allow them to increase their efficiency and reduce the workload. TUS EXPO Europe 2020 leverages the extensive Dutch farming experience and its global network to bring you the best in the trade.



Construction is an exciting new field of growth for the UAV and robotics industry. Used to working with technology, the construction industry is now learning to extend these skills into the third dimension and is starting to embrace the possibilities offered by robotics. TUS EXPO Europe 2020 examines the practices and explores the chances that are opening up in this field.



Taking stock of the big picture is the core of the UAV business and the view from space is the obvious first step. The veritable gold mine of data available from various sensors in near earth orbit is waiting to be exploited – often in ways we yesterday could only have dreamed about.



Unmanned systems offer both great opportunities and pose great challenges to our security. TUS EXPO Europe 2020 will explore these questions from both sides, spotlighting the sliding potential dangers of UAV use and the graduated responses needed to deal with them.



The harsh maritime environment forms the backdrop to the growing use of dedicated robotic and unmanned systems. The mostly dangerous and often repetitive jobs in inspecting and maintaining ships and installations on, above and below the water form a natural if challenging arena. TUS EXPO Europe 2020 will focus on all the complementing roles of UAV’s, USV’s and UUV’s and the chances offered by other robotic systems.



Inspecting and maintaining our vital energy infrastructure is an additional test for the unmanned and robotic systems involved. TUS EXPO Europe 2020 looks into the different demands that are imposed by the many diverse cornerstones of our energy networks.


Regulations & Air Traffic Management

As important as the technological advances are the changes in the regulation of UAV use and Air Traffic Management development to include unmanned aircraft in manned airspace and our populated areas. If you wish to use drones to solve the ‘last mile’ or to offer a taxi service for passengers from downtown to the airport, we will have to adapt the legal and operational environment in which drones are operating. TUS EXPO Europe 2020 will explore where we should be now and what has been realized in the last years and paint a vista for the future.