Tours 2017

In 2017 we had several tours alongside TUS Expo and RoboBusiness Europe.

Half-day tour: Inspection and Maintenance
Europoort is an area of the Port of Rotterdam and the adjoining industrial area in the Netherlands. Being situated at Southside of the mouth of the rivers Rhine and Meuse with the hinterland consisting of the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and partly France, Europoort is by certain measurements the world’s busiest port and considered a major entry to Europe. This very heavily industrialised area with petrochemical refineries and storage tanks, bulk iron ore and coal handling as well as container and new   motor vehicle terminals plays an important role in research on smart solution for Inspection and maintenance. During this half day business excursion, you will get an overview of typical Dutch solutions within this sector.

Half-day tour: Space Robotics
The European Space Agency’s largest test and research facility ESTEC is based in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. Here, many of the Space Agency’s space missions are conceived, tested and supported. Aproximately 3,000 professionals currently work at ESTEC. Robotics in space are very common – the harsh space environment makes human space exploration difficult and expensive. That’s why all current Mars missions use robotic rovers. At ESTEC, you can experience Europes pioneering work of space robotics. At ESA’s planetary lab various rover designs are being tested, among which ESA’s ExoMars rover, that will be launched in 2020. At ESA’s Telerobotics and Haptics lab, you can see amazing Exoskeleton prototypes, and the latest applications for inter-planetary robotics. The program also includes a VR tour through ESTEC’s test center and even to the International Space Station!

Day tour: Automated farming; ‘Autonomous solutions for Agriculture and Horticulture’
Westland, the area between The Hague, Rotterdam and Hook of Holland, is famous for its greenhouse horticulture and is known as Horti Valley and the Glass City as a result. It is the largest continuous area of greenhouse horticulture in the world and plays a pioneering role in this sector. This extremely inspiring hotspot in the west of the Netherlands is our destination for a full day business excursion on Robotics in Agri- and Horticulture. Next to inspiring company visits we will also visit the Delft University of Technology.

Half-day tour: Health
In the near future, we will inevitably work closely with medical robots. They augment the surgeon’s potential with superhuman precision and repeatability. They help hospitals save costs, reduce waste, and improve patient care. They offer levels of measurability and traceability that only automated machines can achieve. The Netherlands has a fast-growing Life Sciences & Health network connecting industry, healthcare, knowledge institutes and government to achievement of the necessary technological innovations that are needed for this near future. During this half-day excursion, different parties from this Dutch Life Sciences & Health will present themselves and their innovations to you.



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